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    ABOUT US - Why and how kernelios was founded?

    Back then in 2014...

    The idea of establishing the Cyber Command Knowledge Center was born in 2014, after its founders noticed that cyber security entities in various organizations in Israel were in need of competent professional employees with deep knowledge of the cyber security field.

    After visiting existing colleges which feature cyber security study programs, they came to the understanding that there was no connection between what the students were learning in the various courses and the knowledge required by cyber security experts in national defense bodies, government ministries and leading technology companies in the area.

    They also realized that the only graduates who will be able to enter the industry and reach key positions in both the private and public sectors would be those who will excel in, and be at the forefront of, cyber security software and technology.

    digital world icon Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    The world goes digital

    evil hacker icon Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Companies suffer from unexpected cyber attacks

    internet security icon Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Companies understand the need in cyber experts

    kernelios icon Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    KERNELiOS is founded


    The Cyber Command Knowledge Center has vowed to train the future generation of cyber security experts in the industry by offering them to learn from Israel’s leading experts in the field, placing maximum emphasis on hands-on training in the various topics.

    The Cyber Command Knowledge Center’s curriculum includes a wide range of topics which are necessary for any cyber security expert. The founders’ vision is to train students who will later serve as a cyber security knowledge center in their respective organizations

    "Both Sides are fed up

    Organizations which needed cyber experts are fed up!  They were fed up with interviewing guys with a certificate who only learned from a set of slides.  The young people who were earning certificates were also fed up, because they realized after the first interview or two that all they had was a piece of paper, which gave them no entry to the place where they really wanted to be.”

    Dvash Matok

    Strategic Cyber Security Consultant

    Meet The Team

    yossi portrait Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Yossi Cohen Arazi

    Chairman Of Kernelios group

    Yossi serves as a director at Net Point Ltd. He has 10 years of experience in Information and cyber security in Israel and overseas.
    He has served as a security consultant at Israeli defense companies and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    He has extensive experience in setting up and managing government IT projects and has a thorough understanding of network protection and investigating security breaches.
    Yossi is a co-founder of the Cyber Command Knowledge Center.

    Roni-elsheich אודות, קרנליוס, הצוות שלנו, מרכז ההכשרה, KERNELIOS

    Roni Alsheich


    Mr. Alsheich , former intelligence officer and head of the Israel Police. After serving as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces,  Alsheich served 27 years in ISA (Shin Bet) .  Alsheich last position was deputy director of the organization.

    Between 2015 and 2018 Alsheich was called to serve as the general commissioner of NIP – National Israeli Police.

    Mr. Alsheich joined KERNELiOS at the beginning of 2020 as a director and brings with him years of experience in the field of information and cyber security as part of his various roles in the civil service.

    Mr. Alsheich’s abilities are reflected in the transformation of KERNELiOS into a leading international company in the field of cyber training.

    itay levy Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Itay Levy


    Itay served as network and encryption expert in Israeli army

    He has over 15 years of cyber defense experience in Israeli government, financial and private sectors

    Itay Designed and implement countless projects of cyber defense from the theoretical level to the practical hands-on level

    From his constant work in the cyber security field he regularly encounter the lack of knowledge that the organizations has and the potential security breach that this lack of knowledge causes them

    shany portrait Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Shani Dvora


    Shani former special ICT Unit, with extensive experience in the high tech industry. Cyber Knowledge Center founder and one of the most important cornerstones in the establishment and operation. BA Business Administration.

    moshe portrait Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Moshe Cohen


    Moshe is a pioneer in the field of banking in Israel. He has more than 50 years of experience in finance, and was formerly a CEO of Trust company. Besides financial experience, Moshe has extensive experience from business world

    שי-דיל Kernelios קרנליוס קורס סייבר ולימודי אבטחת מידע

    Shai Dill – Naschitz Brandes

    Legal advisor

    Shai Dill is a partner located in the Naschitz Brandes Amir Tel-Aviv office. He joined the firm in 2000. Mr. Dill specializes in corporate law, high-tech practice, commercial transactions, banking and intellectual property. Mr. Dill’s practice is concentrated on assisting high-tech and commercial companies in various areas of the law, and he has been involved in many high-tech transactions, including private and public financing, acquisitions and technology transactions.

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