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    Last updated: June 7, 2021


    KERNELiOS is a company that specializes in cyber training and courses. We attach great importance to accessibility and we do our best to provide the best experience for people with disabilities, both in the physical and digital channels, to enable our service to everyone, equally, while ensuring compliance with the Israeli Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5758-1988 and regulations thereunder.


    Below is the accessibility adjustments made to the company’s offices:

    • Accessible parking for a person with a disability: our building is surrounded by parking for disabled people.
    • Accompanying a person with a disability: a person with a disability who needs accompaniment at the company’s offices is asked to contact our office before arrival for instructions.
    • Accessible entrance to the company’s offices: the entrance is accessible and there is an opening door of standard width.
    • Disabled Services: the company’s offices have disabled services (toilet) located on the ground floor.
    • Passenger elevators with disabled access to all floors of the building.
    • Adjustments in the aisles: the aisles in the company offices are adapted for people with disabilities.
    • Signs: the company has placed directional signs for people with disabilities, accessible entrances intended for public use are controlled by the International Accessibility Symbol (in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard 5568).

    Website accessibility

    This  with the website is in accordance with the of the recommendations of the Israeli Standart 5568.
    • We recommend using the Chrome or Firefox browser
    • The website allows keyboard navigation (keyboard arrows, Escape, Enter, Tab and Shift)
    • The website is designed and built with consideration of content reading and keyboard navigation softwares.
    • The website is fully optimized for viewing from cellular devices.
    • Our sidebar allows you to increase fonts’ size, highlight links, change fonts, use grayscale colors, invert colors, and remove animations.

    Requests, Suggestions and questions

    You may contact us by
    Tel.  03-566-3155
    Mail: [email protected]
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