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    kernelios, TRAININGS, אימונים, ​קרנליוס, сyber, KERNELiOS, organizations, companies, חברות ,אירגונים


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    kernelios, TRAININGS, אימונים, ​קרנליוס, сyber, KERNELiOS, organizations, companies, חברות ,אירגונים


    we find the program that fits your business the best

    kernelios, TRAININGS, אימונים, ​קרנליוס, сyber, KERNELiOS, organizations, companies, חברות ,אירגונים


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    Certified Hands-On Malware Analysis Expert

    An advanced reverse engineering course with emphasis on Windows operating system from a very experienced 8200 alumni (IDF Intelligence).

    Topics include research of malware, sandbox detection, code packing and unpacking, encryption and anti-debugging, exploits and a lot of low-level code!

    50 hours

    5 classes


    Open Source intelligence

    Providing tools and knowledge of the Internet world as “the arena” and the
    use of social networks as a source of information.
    Knowledge of the existing sources of information, including social networks benefits that can be derived from them, how to operate in the internet without being blocked and arouse suspicion, and treatment of different media types.

    10 hours

    2 classes


    Certified Hands-On Cyber Forensic Expert

    This course will cover the hottest subjects in the digital forensics field.
    The course will describe the forensic tools, methods, techniques and what to looking for when investigating a digital computer events.

    50 hours

    5 classes


    Certified Hands-On Web Application Hacker

    The objectives of the course are to teach developers and security professionals how to find and exploit the most dangerous web vulnerabilities, giving them the tools necessary in order to audit web applications by themselves.

    50 hours

    5 classes


    Certified Hands-On Web Vulnerability Hunter

    The course will introduce the common techniques used when auditing massive pieces of code, teach you how to detect complex vulnerabilities, and give you the tools to exploit them.

    50 hours

    5 classes


    Certified Hands-On Windows Memory Forensics Expert

    This course provides the critical skills necessary for digital forensics examiners
    and incident responders to successfully perform live system memory triage and analyze captured memory images.

    50 hours

    5 classes


    Certified Hands-On SIEM expert

    This course will walk you through the SIEM-SOC world with the advanced theory of SOC generations, strategies, build your own SOC,

    and open discussions to enrich knowledge and share new ideas between the students.

    Altogether with many LABs to practice event lifecycle via data mining, normalizing, handling and visualizing to better understand SIEM behind the scene.

    50 hours

    5 classes

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