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  • CHCSS – Certified Hands-on Cyber Security Specialist (378)

    Course Description

    Entry level cyber security course intended for an audience looking to make a
    career change, or alternatively for those wishing to enter the world of cyber
    and information security.
    Students in this course will be exposed to a whole range of topics and
    methods of defense and attack in the cyber world and practice the material
    with tools that simulate what happens in the real world, tools required for the
    ongoing work of modern cyber security person in a changing world.
    This unique training course is developed by the leading professionals in their
    field in Israel, and is comprised of a variety of topics required in the industry,
    with a great emphasis on imparting practical knowledge in cyber defense.
    The aim of this course is to expose the student to a whole range of theories
    and practical tools in order to create a broad knowledge-base that will enable
    the student to successfully integrate into the cyber industry.
    The course also contains homework for the students as additional material.

    The course includes preparation for Cisco’s CCNA certification

    CHCSS – Certified Hands-on Cyber Security Specialist (378)

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for anyone wishing to learn cyber security and enter
    the cyber world.


    • Good understanding of basic Windows environments
    • Technical level of English reading

    • For Israeli students – International certification in Linux/Networking/Systems

    קורס סייבר, אבטחת מידע, קרנליוס, קורס סייבר ואבטחת מידע, קורס מיישם הגנת סייבר

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    27 Lishansky st. Rishon-Lezion, Israel

    32 Maskit st. Herzliya, Israel

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