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    What is the simulator?

    KERNELiOS is the first cyber command knowledge center to develop a simulator based on its training labs which train the future generation of the cyber experts.

    The knowledge center’s simulator incorporate several disciplines from the cyber world including cyber defense, attack, and forensics with emphasis on hands-on training.
    Our students practice the various courses material on unique labs that we develop and train “under fire” with the simulator that is being develop in KERNELiOS

    Training step by step

    The simulator scenarios contain several attack stages, with increasing difficulty.
    Every trainee get its own score based on the stage of training that he reached.
    The trainer can see in real-time the progress of every trainee and the score table of all the trainees.

    Always up-to-date

    KERNELiOS cyber research team constantly adding new scenarios to the
    simulator that keeps it up-to-date with the new techniques and attack vectors.
    Every new scenario that is added to the simulator engine is being tested by our students during our various courses and their feedback is improving the simulator precision.

    Keep your organziation secured

    KERNELiOS simulator enables organizations to simulate different attack vectors and train their cyber stuff on virtual environment which simulating their real environment.

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