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KERENELiOS is a simulator-based training center and an incubator for cyber experts worldwide

The Story

The idea of establishing the Cyber Command Knowledge Center was born in 2014, after its founders noticed that cyber security entities in various organizations in Israel were in need of competent professional employees with deep knowledge of the cyber security field.
After visiting existing colleges which feature cyber security study programs, they came to the understanding that there was no connection between what the students were learning in the various courses and the knowledge required by cyber security experts in national defense bodies, government ministries and leading technology companies in the area.
They also realized that the only graduates who will be able to enter the industry and reach key positions in both the private and public sectors would be those who will excel in, and be at the

Knowledge center

KERNELiOS provides data and information on the cyber world for free.

Sign in now and learn about the world of cyberspace, layers and design defense systems, building a true cyber intelligence, what is this vulnerability and how to prevent it.

when you feel ready, contact us and joined the Cyber Command Knowledge Center.

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