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    The world of the Internet is changing and growing at a faster rate from day to day and contains countless databases who collect personal data and are stored on the Web.
    We upload our details to the network through social networks, forums, applications, etc., and do not aware for the vast amount of information collected about us, which is stored in the “cloud”. With the right tools you can find the signal within the big noise (Internet) and find information that helps us to investigate the target of the investigation.

    Course Description

    Providing tools and knowledge of the Internet world as “the arena” and the use of social networks as a source of information.
    Knowledge of the existing sources of information, including social networks and the benefits that can be derived from them, how to operate in the internet without being blocked and arouse suspicion, and treatment of different media types.

    Open Source intelligence OSINT – KERNELiOS

    Target Audience

    The program is intended for managers at all levels, as well as for information security workers in the organization in which they work or employees who deal in intelligence and investigations.

    Course Prerequisites

    • Good understanding of technical English
    • No need for any information security knowledge

    Open Source intelligence (OSINT) - KERNELiOS

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    27 Lishansky st. Rishon-Lezion, Israel

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