The Training Program

The Cyber Training Program for Technology Leaders 20% theoretical 80% hands-on

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The cyber training curriculum will give you the tools to understand, analyze, plan, and deal with the cyber failure events of tomorrow

The training we provide will give Systematic view skills based on advanced defense concepts, threat and vulnerability analysis capabilities, enrichment of design knowledge, set up, and operate technical skills for defense and the creation of joint situational awareness.

The program includes both building a proven theoretical knowledge base and real hands-on training that will enable you to deal with current and emerging cyber threats in any context.

Program Content

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Methods of dealing with cyber security threats
Penetration Testing Metodology
Google Hacking
Information Gathering (Footprinting, Reconaissance)
Cryptography itroduction
Password cracking
Enumeration (NetBIOS/SMB, SNMP, SMTP, DNS)
OS Vulnerabilites
Trojans and Rootkits
Network Equipment hacking
Social Engineering
Web Application Hacking
Database Hacking
Wifi hacking
ICS/SCADA hacking
Hacking Virtualized environments
Cell-phone hacking

Cyber Defense System Engineering‎
Policies and regulation
System threat analysis
Technical intelligence gathering

Identification & Investigation Methods
Forensic methodology + Legal issues in Forensics
Storage Acquisition
File-systems internals (NTFS)
Boot sequence analysis
Image analysis
Email tracing
Network Traffic acquisition
Network traffic analysis
Volatile RAM acquisition
Memory analysis
Cell-phone aquisition
Cell-phone analysis

Process of drawing up tenders and requirements
Responding to cyber security tenders

Methods of defense
Application Control
Web Application Control
Data base Control
XML Firewall
Security event log & Syslog
Data Loss Prevention
Vulnerability management
Threat Prevention
Access Control
Data classification
Network Tapping
Managing digital certificates

Methods of Reverse Engineering
Assembly for Reverse Engineering
Dynamic analysis
Static analysis
Analyzing Web borne malware
Analyzing File borne malware
Analyzing Rootkits
Writing a simple exploit
Using exploitation toolkit


Graduates of KERNELiOS’s unique program will receive the following certification:
Israeli Certified Cyber Security Professionals (I-CCSP)
Majors: cyber architects and cyber researchers may major in research, analysis, and architecture of coping with cyber attacks.

‎The I-CCSP program will teach proactive “hunting” skills prior to a failure event and investigative skills to be used during an event.‎

This program allows students to delve into the processes by which cyber threats are created, as well as to analyze and understand their heterogeneity and to be capable of investigating them in depth.