Cyber Box

Cyber Box

Many organizations are strengthening many teams in charge of information security at an annual cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These teams are working every day in defense of the organization’s information systems and trying to create layers of protection through products and technologies from the market.

Despite the desire of those teams to protect as much as possible organizations, many threats are changing and it is difficult to stop the next threat only by defense products, in order that these teams need more knowledge does not depend on the products but their ability to think, understand and anticipate the next threat might bring down the organization and cause confusion easy or permanent damage to the worst case.

KERNELiOS Cyber ​​Knowledge Center began developing a simulator and training cyber platforms established through the Center site.

The purpose of the simulator is to train those teams for the weaker and thus produce sometimes human defense system saves the organization from a protection tool.

The teams which will receive the training tools and the ability to deal with current threats and going through a variety of simulations that will make them feel under fire, life and work to save the organization.

At the end of the track will test teams that empower them to be ready for tomorrow’s threats until then think carefully whether you are ready the next threat ?.