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  • CHCFE – Cyber Forensics Expert

    Course Description

    Cyber forensics course covers the hottest subjects in the digital forensics field.

    The course will describe the forensic tools, methods, techniques and what to looking for when investigating a digital computer events.

    You will learn how to forensically copy, analyze, recover, search and investigate artifacts in your organization in a different scene.

    This course is a great opportunity to jump into the growing domain of digital forensic field.

    Target Audience

    CISO’s, Savvy sysadmins, Technical & seasoned persons that wants to plunge to the digital forensics world


    • Strong desire to learn the digital forensics tools and techniques

    • Foundational understanding of Windows OS’s

    • Foundational understanding in the Information Security field

    • Foundational understanding of core networking concepts such as TCP/IP

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